Front Ensemble:

Our last instrument group is made up of various instruments, which is the Front Ensemble.  Here you will find our mallet players, rack players, synth players, guitar players, and the soundboard operator.  While their movement may be zero during a show, their importance of holding one together is immense.  

The 2023-2024

Phillipsburg High School Marching Band

The Phillipsburg Band Council is a Council of Leadership chosen by Mr. Josephson and the staff to lead the Marching Band on many levels.  From section leaders to drum majors, these are positions all held by Students.  Each person chosen on the council must complete a playing test of their choosing, and an interview to be a possible candidate for the specified position.


Our second instrument group is made up of two sections, the High Brass and the Low Brass.  The High Brass is made up of two instruments, the Trumpet and Mellophone.  The Low Brass is made up of three instruments, the Trombone, the Baritone, and the Sousaphone.

Band Council

Instrument Groups:


Our third instrument group is made up of one section, the Drumline.  There are three different types of marching drums used in our Drumline.  The marching snare drum, the marching tenor drum, and finally the marching bass drum.  The bass drum is where you will find five different sizes. 

"The Pride of Phillipsburg", as the narrator says before every show, the Marching Band is made up of students from 8th grade to seniors.  There are four different  instrument groups within the Marching Band including the Woodwinds, Brass, Drumline, & Front Ensemble.  We start our 'Band Camp' in August two weeks before schools starts preparing students for the wonders and art of Marching Band.  Our Marching Band performs at all games home or away in the stands and the field.  Throughout the season we participate in competitions and two parades during the whole year.


Our first instrument group is made up of four sections, the Flutes, the Clarinets, the Alto Saxophones, and the Low winds.  The last section specifically is made up of 3 instruments, the Tenor Saxophone, the Baritone Saxophone, and the Bass Clarinet.