On your phone: You should only need to click the links above and follow the prompts on your phone.

For your computer: Right click the button & copy the link address (or use the links below). Use that address to subscribe to the calendar (see below for instructions for your specific calendar program) 

These calendars will be added to your existing calendar program (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar, iCalendar, etc.) Mr. Josephson's calendar will show up as "Phillipsburg Band", the Band Booster Calendar will show up as PhillipsburgBandBoosters@gmail.com. Once subscribed, you can rename these to anything that you would like.

Below are some helpful links on calendar subscriptions:

iPhone / iPad

Calendar for Mac

Calendar Addresses for your Computer (copy/paste the address):


Our online calendar combines Mr. Josephson's calendar and the Band Booster Calendar. Click below to subscribe to both.

Click on "Agenda" at the top right of the Calendar to see upcoming events only.