Rehearsals – Students should be at all rehearsals early. They should allow enough time to get their instrument ready to play at the scheduled time.  All efforts will be made to end rehearsals on time, please keep in mind that your student may be responsible for packing equipment before being able to get to your car. A good guideline is to plan on picking up your student five to ten minutes after the printed end time of rehearsals
Remember to bring sunscreen and extra water when the weather dictates.
For games and competitions students should bring their t-shirts, uniforms and black socks. Time will be given to change into them.   Black socks at least ankle length are a must – try to invest in some nice absorbent, supportive ones.  UnderArmour or C9 long johns (in black) will be a wise investment for later in the season when the temperatures start to drop.
Students should have packed food for the competition days, such as sandwiches and drinks.  It’s a good idea to bring additional snacks & water as some days will be long.  On occasion, the Band Boosters will provide a pre-comp picnic, snacks, and water for the trip.  Students may choose to bring a small amount of money for the concession stand at football games and competitions.  However we don’t know in advance what may be available at the venue.
Competition days are very long. Frequently, the busses do not return to school till late at night. It depends on our step off time.  We’ll send out twitter notices on our approximated arrival time back to PHS
Hand warmers are helpful on cold nights. Kids can keep them in their uniform pockets.
Uniforms MUST be dry cleaned. How often depends on the weather and turf conditions. They should be cleaned as needed, at least once during the season and once when the season is over.  Uniforms are very expensive and need to be taken care of.  The dry cleaning charge is for the end of year cleaning.
Check the Liner Band web site, often for new information
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You can check the Band Twitter Accounts (@phsdirector or @pburg_band) for the latest information when the Band is on the road.